Monday-Wednesday –These three days will be filled with a cumulative activity called The Race! Classes will compete versus the other classes throughout the day to try and reach the highest levels of the game. It is very important that each class works together to be successful.

Also, remember Part I of your Semester 1 Review Sheet is due on Tuesday.


Thursday & Friday –This is actually a three day activity.  We will be doing an enrichment to review the topics from the first semester while also previewing material from the upcoming semester.

Remember that Part II of your Semester 1 Review Sheet is due on Friday.

2 Responses to “Week of January 3-7”
  1. anisa s. says:

    hey mr.k,
    i think the answer to the riddle is articles of confederation

  2. kelsieh says:

    hi mr kindred i would like to answer the riddle i think it is the Northwest Ordinance because it allowed new states to join the union and Ohio was one of those 5 states

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